Invited Keynote Lectures

Invited Keynote Lectures [1]

2009 – “From Early Modern to Postmodern” at the conference “Literary Collections and Collecting,” Yale University, March 5-6

2010 – “Discourses of Sexual Violence. Grimmelshausen, Rape, and the Sack of Magdeburg,” at the conference “(Re)Contextualizing Literary and Cultural History,” Stockholm’s University, Stockholm Sweden, 4-7 September

2010 – “Beyond the Book: Emblematica On-Line, A Case Study from the Humanities for Imaging Renaissance Texts and Illustrations,” Imaging without Boundaries, Exploring the Science, Technology, and Applications of Imaging and Visualization, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, 14-15 October 2010

2012 – “Emblematica Online: A New Resource for Renaissance Studies, Frühe Neuzeit Inerdisziplinär, Duke University, 30 March

2014 – “The Domains of the Emblem,” 10th International Conference of the Society for Emblem Studies at the Institute of Art History, Christian Albrechts Unviersität, Kiel, Germany. 27 July – 1 August, 2014.


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